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In 2010, a group of friends and business partners heard about the “The Africa Record Run” from Cape Town to North Cape at the top of Norway. When we started to being involved and hearing about the even more grueling drive from the southern tip of South America to Northern Alaska we were on fire and it made us want to also do these mad feats. We were all fascinated by the endurance of man and machine and how these can be pushed to the edge. To illustrate this point, two members of our group have taken part more than once in the world famous “Le Mans 24 Hour” endurance race as a driver and a team manager.


To get going, we purchased a Porsche Cayenne due to its amazing performance and reliability and had it converted by specialists to withstand the pressures of long distance traveling. To support us we had small local teams to get us started – but once we are on the road we are doing our own thing…


In October 2011, Jan Kalmar, Oskar Slingerland, and Thomas Fraser established a World Record by being the first people to drive the longest possible distance inside the same line of latitude in Eurasia.


During a week in May 2013, we crossed the North American continent from Vancouver Island on the Pacific coast along the 48th latitude to Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean. This was not a race, as we adhere strictly to local traffic laws as we do with all our projects.

Instead, it was a test of endurance and precision driving, as the team of three adventurers drove the trusted Porsche Cayenne nonstop for nearly five days without a break to cross Canada reaching the east coast in time for a specific ferry departure to go on a 6-hour sailing trip to Newfoundland!


In following years, The Longest Drive drove around Australia in 2014 and from North Cape to Cape Agulhas in 2015 and 2016 setting the new world record.


The experiences we gain in organizing these challenges and being on the road are vital if we are to be successful in setting a new record for “The Africa Record Run”.  After that, we want to be ready for the Dakar Rally.


We are using social media  – the links are on this page – and this will enable anyone with internet access to follow and communicate with our travelers.  We are very keen to hear what you think and what you want to say to them.  But if that is not enough and you want to experience the challenges first hand – then we are always looking for people who share our passion for this type of adventure – YOU could become part of our team for one or more of the challenges we have lined up… just use the contact form.

In any case – click on the “Challenges” tab above to find out how mad we really are…

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