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North to South Run

Although the Australian Challenge has not yet taken place, we are already in the process of planning the most ambitious project yet for the Longestdrive: Driving from the northernmost point in Europe (Nordkapp in Norway) to the southernmost tip of Africa (Cape Agulhas in South Africa)– with a brief stop in London. This journey is at least 21000km (13000miles). The concept will be the same as with previous challenges hopefully using the Porsche Cayenne with a three man crew.

The reason for the stop in London is that we want to beat the record set a couple of years ago on the London to Cape Town leg at just under 11 days. We will also aim to create a new record for the entire North South run hence the starting point at Norkapp.

This project will really challenge the team on the car and our backup systems as we will attempt to drive through some extremely challenging regions – not only geographically but also politically.

The outline of the journey as it stands takes in 19 countries.  The actual timings for the project will be planned to take into account the local seasons and likely weather as the infrastructure in many of the developing countries is dependent on decent weather.

We are under no illusions that this will be mammoth task to just complete – never mind beat any records underway.

Despite these challenges( but perhaps also because of ) we have already signed the first of the three intrepid travellers: Marc Bronzel from Germany.

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