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North to South Start

Despite the difficulties we are experiencing for the North South run, we have pencilled in a starting date from the North Cape: Midnight of 23rd June  which is Midsummer Night on the northern hemisphere.  In Scandinavia this is a very special time with bonfire celebrations and parties with plenty of seasonal food and drink.

At the northern tip of Europe there is a natural phenomenon called the Midnight Sun as the sun never sets. For a short period of time during the summer, it is actually light all of the days and all of the nights as the sun never go below the horizon. So even though we start at midnight, it would actually be as bright as during the day. Such a location and such an event only adds to the spectacle of our departure. There will be plenty of other people taking in the sight and this will ensure there will be plenty of spectators to cheer the crew on their way south.

Another benefit of the departure date is that when we reach the southern hemisphere the temperatures will have dropped and we will avoid most of the rainy season and the associated problems.

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