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Researching Australia

In order to gain as much local knowledge, we have started a discussion thread on one of the biggest Australian discussion websites:  (search under General Discussion)

It has proven to be an active site of with many great pieces of advice from Forum members (and some not so great it must be said) ranging from weather, speed limits, route, kangaroos (or ‘roos’), people sleeping on the roads, CB radio, the car, sleeping arrangements (no kidding) and local policing practises.

At one point contributors posted pictures of the wildlife in collisions with various vehicles and the rather unpleasant outcomes of those encounters… just to encourage us to do the trip, I suppose.

As things stand we have had more than 350 replies and we have gained information that would have been hard to come and even a couple of local contacts that have offered to help!

We encourage everybody to visit the forum and to take part in the discussion – there is even an opportunity to vote as to how the trip will go with some rather unpleasant outcomes being included in the poll as options….

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