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Salomon is our new partner

The Longestdrive is delighted to announce that Salomon has become one of our partners and is supporting our challenges. Salomon is known worldwide for producing a wide range of top quality products for the discerning adventurer whether it’s hiking, mountaineering, excersising, rollerblading or skiing.

The team will travel in the Porsche Cayenne wearing high quality clothing supplied by Salomon.

Jan Kalmar says:  “ On a challenge like the one we are about to undertake, clothing is very important – it needs to be very comfortable and at the same time durable and strong, easy to wash and  we have to look presentable when we meet people – not like people who have just spent a week in a car. Salomon is producing top quality products and is therefore just the right partner for us and we are very happy that they are supporting the Longestdrive”

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