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See You Soon...

Dear All,

Sitting in a plane, passing over Istanbul and reflecting over the last weeks’ experiences…  It’s been hard to digest because for me failure hurts like hell.

We as a team have spent some relaxing days together, trying to find ways to repeat an attempt. One of the main motivations comes from the current London to Cape Town record holder, who put it all in one line: “Remember, more people have walked on the moon than have driven London to Cape Town non-stop”.  So in my opinion there is no way around it. We have to go again and beat both records.

During the last week many team’s conversations have started with “do you remember when… “. Just now we have finally realized that we have seen so many things over the last weeks.  When we look at pictures from the trip we recognize much more details.  We tried to seek out highlights, but there were so many of them.  We will upload a lot of pictures on the web page, and within the next weeks we will make a short film. I know the pictures’ quality was not the best, as well as the amount of them, but we simply did not have good internet in those areas.

After the failure it was nice to realize that we need to do very few changes next time, which means that we have done a good preparation job.  Small corrections we need to implement are:  to add a cup holder in the back of the car and to ship the car to the starting point.  2500 km driving up to the North, meaning 2 extra days in the car.  Something we would try to avoid by sending the car up there ahead of the team.

We hope we will be able to keep the team for the next attempt, but it is a difficult financial task where we definitely need support, and this time not only moral one.

Now, it’s about our poor car.  Well, today it will be collected from Arusha in Tanzania and start a long journey back to Europe, where, we hope, it can be rebuilt. It took a strong hit, but the car proved to be resistant. And for us it’s a sign that the car also wants to try again.

This is not a “Good Bye” message, but “See you soon” one!

Thanks to all the help we have got from supporters and sponsors, to friends and family who have suffered because of our dream to beat 2 world records.

And again, thank you all for following us. You can’t imagine how much it means to us when we stop for a 6-minute tire change in the Sudanese desert and get a short message immediately “Are you ok, why are you not moving …“ We did not reach 10.000 likes we wanted, but if we would have made it, I am sure we could have got closer.  Farm Africa support, on the other side, was not good enough.  Here we really need more from you for our next attempt.

Last but not least, thanks to Mike and Seb.  What a dream team! It was an eye-opener for all of us. Shit happens, but next time we will crack it…

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