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Thank you!

We are sitting in the car with very mixed feelings.. we are so close to the finish line and our time is looking really good… but still we are so far away. As we saw in Ethiopia a single pothole can change all.. We are sick and tired of sitting in a car but in a strange way we enjoy the bullshit going on inside car.


Dear All, We in the car agreed, that the real stars of this project are all the people supporting before, during and after these drives. Without you this is not possible and we are unlimited thankful for this. Network is everything in this world, just look at Facebook .. but to be able to say we have our own worldwide network of helpers is difficult to think about in our current situation without tears in our eyes… We want to thank each and every one of you, and if you are not mentioned here then its not because we did not appreciate your help but there are simply too many to remember..

Thanks to: – Oskar Slingerland who started this all u with me and who is missed in the car. – The Current London to Cape Town record holder who reminded me after the crash last year that more people have walked on the moon than driven this distance nonstop – Team at Porsche Tallinn who rebuild the car after our first attempt. The bonnet you reproduced means a lot to all who have joined on these adventures. – Thanks to Martins at Classic SUV for doing the car modifications to make this trip possible and even remotely comfortable – A big thanks to Porsche Lithuania for hosting us during the preparations and check the car was fit for fight ! – The beautiful Ana in Serbia making sure we could stay online through her wonderful country – Anne from Sudan Embassy in Oslo, never giving up to get what we needed – Egyptian Embassy in Denmark preparing their country for us. – Gary who gave me a remote lesson in how to use Instagram – Mika and Anna in Lapland who made our stays in Lapland easy and memorable – Peter and all the helpers at our super short pitstop back home for tires and refreshments – To the whole team of Topgear Bulgaria who supplied road side oil and guided us very fast though Sofia ( crazy motorbike driver ) – Serdar who handled all about our transport from Istanbul to Israel, if ever someone needs a FIXER in Turkey.. look no further … – Nir, our “magician” in Israel, who else gets a person with 1 liter om mobil1 oil at the border to Egypt standing waiting for us – Anis , if one person should be mentioned as the lifesaver then its HIM !! his network make this trip possible. We can only admire how he handles everything. We are not allowed to enter Egypt with a 4X4 Diesel carrying a flying camera, all no problem for Anis. Shaun did not have a Sudan Visa after 4 weeks of trying, Anis made one phonecall and the next day Shaun had his visa. We were invited for cold drinks at the border to Sudan by the big boss as Anis made a phone call. Even at the Border to Ethiopia They said Anis prepared them for us .. Please if ever you need a Fixer in that part of the world use Anis, only he can make a safe fast drive though a country so effortless, security came and went perfectly synchronized. – Osam in Addis Ababa, who else can organize a place to fix tries a 02:00 in the morning in Central Africa !!!! So if your destination in Ethiopia then use him – Oliver from Intercontinental Nairobi who magically was standing at the roadside with the best ever supplies .. ( I guess we all gained a few kg. from that stop ) – George Munsanje who made our trip through Zambia and Botswana swift and easy – Riza and Tamara at the border Botswana – South Africa pushing us though.

Thanks to all the fans who cheer us along the way!!! It means a lot to us when we sit and drive all day long for 9 days !!! Marcsi who got the project handed over last minute but took it on and has done the best handling ever .. thanks And of course huge thanks to the “TLD widows and family” at home following our track and being standby 24/7 for all our stupid requests and problems and for allowing us to go in the first place. We will forever be grateful to all of you .. and now we hope we soon can be called world record holders..

The Cleaner / Iceman / Jan

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