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”The North to South Challenge”. Update Day 3

We are really sorry for the silence over the last 24 hours… We are going through very stressfull situation because of a small mistake DB Schenker has made… They booked our cargo flight for May 6, 2014 instead of 2015. Amazing, it’s still possible in the modern western world. Lots of empty talks and promisses from DB Schenker din’t help when our super customs broker Serdar Superman found the mistake yesterday. We had to push hard to get a new connection on May 5th, but this departure was cancelled… Lovely!!!

Now Serdar managed to get us on the UPS flight tomorrow morning with all 3 team members!!! Something DB Schenker did not manage during the last 3 months!!! Serdar for President!

So, a bit about the trip. So far we have 64 hours on a road, 13 countries, 6200 km driven. We lost over an hour because of the broken train in Eurotunnel . But we are still 13 hours ahead of schedule!!!!!!

Car is doing ok, but have had a few issues with the key and navigation (this could explain our funny track in Belgium… another 30 min lost). 1 liter of oil has been used. Along the route we have experienced very little problems with traffic. Except two close calls with reindeers and very bad snow during the first night. So far we are very pleased. Now only 600 km are left to Istanbul Airport, from where the car will depart tomorrow early mornig with hopefully 3 freshly washed team members. Sleeping and driving rhythm has been found and it’s simply a dream team in the car. Still a long way to go, but we are all looking forward to meet Africa.

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