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”The North to South Challenge”. Update Day 4

It has been a rather stressed day, after we got informed by DB Schenker, that they booked us on a flight departed one year ago. But Serdar Akar got us space on a UPS cargo flight that left today at 9.00 AM. local time. It is just amazing how many support and help we receive from more or less all sides and it is such a pleasure to feel that. But never the less we will face a lot of challenges in the next coming hours and days. We just been informed that the border between Egypt and Sudan is closed 24H, the day we wanted to cross it because of a day off over there. Lovely!

Once again, we would like to get back to the “HELP” topic. It is just amazing how much support and help we receive from our friends in the middle east. Serdar, Nir, Hillel and Anis have just done a magic job. Their help probably will save us a whole day of driving today.

As you guessed, we flew over Syria. So, we will leave a car standing still for period of time that would take us to drive 1600 km over Syria. And all this to get a chance to get a bath, a propper meal and even a massage. Yes, it’s hard to beat a world record.

Besides that we have difficulties with Mike´s visa for Sudan. But we hope for the best and we will find a solution in any case.

The last day was fine, got into little traffic around Sofia. The car is overall doing well, but struggled a bit with the heat. Yesterday we had temperature of 30 degrees.

We have happily noticed that the harsh car diet is effective. Prior to flight departure, our full packed car’s weight was 2750 kg. So we found 250 kg.

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