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”The North to South Challenge”. Update Day 9

Hi All, Here is Jan. I am sitting at a lodge near Kilimanjaro international airport… I really hate to be here instead of jumping up and down on shitty African roads. I guess, it’s 9 days ago I’ve slept a full night, but still the fact that I am able to do it tonight is absolute shit as it means our journey is over too early. I have been working on this project for the last 4 years and Africa is my favorite continent. I was looking forward to the red soil, but it was over even before it really started.

Inside the team there are no hard feelings what so ever, we all gave what we could and Mike was the unfortunate one who was at the wrong place a wrong time. Shit happens. We are all sad as we all were looking forward to get to Cape Agulhas, but this time it was not to happen.

It could have gone much worse with the crash or with the road side bandits who held us up in Ethiopia the night before the crash… But we are all fine and this is by far the most important thing.

Will we do it again ??? This I can’t answer… it’s really expensive and takes a lot of time… Would we like to do it??? I think, the 3 of us are ready to fly to South Africa tomorrow and start the following day, if we have a car, visas and money… Would we do something different? Not a lot .. which shows our planning was really good… When I called our “HQ” yesterday night to inform “we are out “, Tetyana’s reply was “Now we have valuable information for the next attempt”. What a spirit from a girl who has been fighting for us for the last 3-4 months for this project, but just seeing it all from a laptop. Thanks!

Thanks to all who have followed us here and kept our motivation up when mostly needed.

Today has been a long fight with logistics and rules and those of you who knows me also know that this is not my stongest side. We have left the car hear and hope to see it again soon.

If any questions, please do not hesitiate to ask… we will collect a lot of images and a small film will also be made.

Sorry for the too long time between updates but believe or not, 4G is not that outspread in Africa as zebras and crazy drivers… Good night, stay tuned as there might come something up soon here…

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