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The Panamericana Challenge postponed...

It is with great pity and grief we have to write this statement, but the Longest Drive Team has had to postpone the Panamericana record attempt after 1 year of intense planning and great support from all sides. Multiple factors have played a role: high workload for team members, a team member not sticking to his commitments, custom issues from our last attempt to Mongolia… But all of this was overcome and the car was ready to be shipped to Anchorage when disaster struck. During transport the Cayenne was involved in an accident which means once again the whole front needed replacing. Despite the hard efforts from Porsche Estonia, we had to face reality. It will be too tight time-wise to rebuild the car and get it to Alaska in good tested condition. Therefore, we have commonly decided to wait until September 2018. We will proceed with a very experienced record-beating team that will be announced very soon. We hope you will keep following and supporting us, and don’t worry we won’t sit idle for more than one 1 year. The Longest Drive will go back to where it all started (it was the old Paris Dakar rally that was the catalyst to all of this). Bob Neill and Jan Kalmar will join the Intercontinental rally from Spain to Dakar in January 2018, but more about this later.  As you can see the car took a big hit, but it takes more than this to break us… follow this space for the progress with the rebuild and the conversion to a “real enduro rally car”… Stay tuned… The Longest Drive

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