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Update Day 2

Update Day 2

Will and Jan have been struggling with jetlag and the 10 hour time difference – their body clocks are certainly feeling the effects of ten hour time difference. Initially we made good progress by working our driving shifts and as a result we managed to average of 100 km/h in the first twenty four hours.

Day 2 was always going to be difficult, because we were entering the outback and our plans were quickly thrown into disarray despite our thorough planning. We had made inquiries about the road conditions in the northern region, but unfortunately on the day they turned out to be incorrect. Our situation was not helped by the fact we went the wrong way and when we turned around and drove 70 km to get back on Highway #1, we were faced with a closed bridge. GREAT!

To “save time” we decided to “go around” the bridge by taking a very small road. As it turned out that was not a good idea – the picture on Twitter bear evidence to that. We learnt the lesson that “You shall not drive on small roads where we have to open a gate to enter”. After 10 km on a nice small road, we crashed into a big mud pool at around 100 Km/t. Suffice it to say it took us 5 hours to get out..!!! Gone was the plan of doing the entire ‘Big Loop’ on Highway #1 as we had to take a 500 km detour on the 85 and 65 – Well you live and you learn.

Later we found out that the recent rainfall had made the whole North of Australia into one big mud pool.. These ‘difficulties’ meant that we are now facing more than three hours extra driving added to the 5 hour lost by digging mud and cow dung (shit) to free the car just to catch up with our original schedule. Now en route to Kathrine with more than 8500 km to go… Understandably our spirits are a bit low at the moment but we will push on like the crazies we are Update: Just passed the 48 hour mark and we have done 4650 km since Sydney .. not bad..

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