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Update Day 5

Update Day 5

Now we are in Adelaide after another eventful 24 hours.. Speed has been good and we were making progress as planned.. But in the middle of the night we ran in to a big mob of kangaroos.. This lasted for over 200 km.. Twice we were hit within a short time. T, you read correctly, we were hit as the ‘Roos ran into the side of the car.

After 200 km of absolute animal terror, we went for refuelling and the nice fuel guy asked us: “How many did you hit? “ – not if we hit any .. He told us that nobody drives there at night for that reason. He was impressed with only 2 hits. Minor damage to the car and we still soldiered on.

Traffic is again something new for us here in the “big” city. We have to get used to it, as the rest of the trip is in the populated areas just like at home. Our fridge is getting “lighter and lighter” with us munching our way through the dregs. With a little bit of luck, we will manage the rest of the trip with only one full fuel stop before Sydney as we have two big tanks. Fuel consumption has been much higher than expected mainly due to the very high temperatures.

The inside the car – well smell is no longer nice. The combination of 3 men stuck in a car for 5 days added with 1 litre of diesel on the floor; do not make a pleasant combination. Let’s hope Australian quarantine will let this “chemical bomb” out of this wonderful continent or we will just have to come back! 1905 km to go as we write. Please – please keep all of your support and comments coming .. it’s what keeps us going..

We are putting up videos from time to time as and when the GSM coverage allows.

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