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TLD Team

Reasons: Our personal reason is to test our limits and look out for places to visit again. We fancy doing the Paris – Dakar one day, so this is good training. Qualifications / Experience: What does it take to become a team member? First of all – you have to be crazy to spend so many days in a car driving 24 hours a day. As well as being mad enough to do such a thing, stamina and driving skills are needed. If you are interested in joining some of the challenges please contact us and we can find out if you also fit in the team.

The team for The Dakar Intercontinental Rally is formed by:


Jan Kalmar


Nationality: Danish

Birthplace: Køge, Denmark

Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite tracks: Knutstorp in Sweden; Spa in Belgium; Nurburgring in Germany; Le Mans in France


Jan is the one who came up with the idea for non-stop driving between the world extremities. He is the founder of The Longest Drive. Jan has taken part in all the challenges and will also be one of the three drivers on the forthcoming pre-Panamericana challenge and Panamericana itself. He is pulling all the strings with tons of experience and a fair amount of insanity: that’s Jan.



Didi Ulrich


Nationality: German

Birthplace: Munich, Germany

Residence: Munich, Germany


Didi is IT entrepreneur and travel Passionist. He as tried and mastered his skills in the sprint and endurance races. One of his dreams was to take part in a desert rally - and this one is about to come true soon.


Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 22.03.23.png

Participants of previous challenges:


The Highway to Mongolia



Robert Neill


Nationality: UK

Birthplace: Stockport

Residence: Randvaal, South Africa


Bob is the Englishman living in South Africa. Running his own mining and waterline company, Bob had a chance to be in places that most of the people never even dreamt of. He is the car enthusiast and adventure “passionist” eager to challenge his abilities on both Asian and American roads.


Craig Wearing:


Nationality: South African  

Birthplace: Durban

Residence: Randvaal, South Africa


Craig is thoroughbred South-African. He runs a company selling and delivering spare parts and trucks to the deepest jungle one may imagine. He knows no fear but is well aware of the dangers waiting around every corner in this part of the world.


North to South 2.0


Shaun Neill


Nationality: South African
Birthplace: Benoni, South Africa
Residence: Randvaal, South Africa

Favorite Tracks: Port Elizabeth, and Kyalami, South Africain


Neill is a big fan of speed and cars since his early childhood. He spent a year racing Ferrari 360 Challenger’s in the GT Series SouthAfrica and then spent a season racing in the VW Polo Cup Series. He is a petrol head, but he is also a top horseman. Shaun has been South African show jumping champion 3 times and has competed across Europe in various showjumping competitions. He is cool headed, is used to being under pressure and loves challenges.


Vitoldas  Milius


Nationality: Lithuanian
Birthplace: Kaunas, Lithuania
Residence: Vilnius, Lithuania
Favorite Tracks: Nurburgring

Vitoldas Milius is editor-in-chief of “Auto Bild Lietuva” magazine. Besides being the automotive market expert, he is also a talented and adventurous driver. He has done a lot of record drives alone, following his passion to adventures, driving and achieving goals. Murmansk-Magadan-Murmansk, Lisbon-Vladivostok, Northcape – Tarifa – these are just a few routes driven by Vitoldas. His motto is “Travel2Life”, and his decision to participate in The Longest Drive 2.0 is the perfect way to demonstrate this philosophy.


North to South


Michael Griffith


Nationality: South African
Birthplace: Johannesburg
Residence: Western Cape, South Africa
Favorite Tracks: Kyalami, Northern loop of the Nurburgring and Spa in Belgium

Michael from South Africa joined in February and will be on the North-South run. Michael is a motorbike and car fanatic. He does know what racing passion and driving on the limit is about – he has even participated in Paris-Dakar race! Also, his deep knowledge of Africa should help the team facing challenges of this continent.




Will Schryver


Nationality: British
Birthplace: Britain
Residence: London
Favorite Tracks: Silverstone, Hungaroring

WillScryver is an experienced film maker who is the CEO of the production company Grid stars. In his spare time, he races endurance races. In Australia, he will both be driving the car and make a travel blog from inside the car recording events as they unfold. Currently, races a classic Chevron B8.

Peter Thompson – Super Sub


Nationality: Irish
Birthplace: Ireland
Residence: Sydney
Favorite Tracks: Been to many but not as a driver, though.

Peter Thompson has lived in Australia for some years now and is currently working as a team leader at Porsche Sydney. He has been working in a number of motorsport related positions. When The Longest Drive Team realized that the third member was not able to make the ‘Big Loop’ Peter stepped in with a couple of hours’ notice, joined in and basically saved the day.


North America


Claus Donnerstag


Nationality: Danish
Birthplace: Copenhagen
Residence: Copenhagen
Favorite Tracks: Knutstorp, Sweden/Spa (Heaven), Belgium/Nurburgring (Hell), Germany.
Claus works for the Scandinavian branch of the Discovery Channel. He has been driving track days for the last 15 years. Since 2008 he has held an international racing license and has been driving at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (996 Cup), local sprint and endurance races. The latest challenge for Claus was the 24-hour race in Dubai (997 Cup).


Vadim Gagarin


Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: Moscow
Residence: Moscow
Favorite Tracks: Spa, Belgium/Nurburgring, Germany

Vadim works as a professional break dancer and part-time automotive journalist for Russian website Auto.Mail.Ru. Since 2005 Vadim took part in numerous driver’strainings including Porsche Driving Experience (Ice Force Master training in Finland and Porsche Media Academy in Russia) and had practice on the Russian and European raceways. He is a big motorsport fan also and participates in amateur and journalist races in Russia. In terms of marathons Vadim once completed the Rally Dakar 2011 behind the wheel of specially-modified Volkswagen Amarok TDI and set the world record last summer with two Germans – 23,000 kilometers from Melbourne (Australia) to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) across 9 countries in 17 days and 18 hours of non-stop driving.




Oskar Slingerland


Nationality: Netherlands
Birthplace: Rotterdam
Residence: Monte Carlo
Favorite Tracks: Spa, Belgium
Racing experience: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S (2009), Porsche 911 GT3 R (2010), Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (2011), Lotus Evora (Intercontinental Le Mans Series 2011) Oskar is an experienced endurance racing driver with a desire to go off-road. He has worked for many years in the oil industry and is not afraid of a challenge.


Campbell Fraser


Nationality: New Zealand
Birthplace: New Zealand
Residence: London
Favorite Tracks: Silverstone, Monaco

Campbell is from New Zealand but is living in London. Campbell is not a racing driver but has been closely involved in the sport as an organizer for the national New Zealand team in the A1GP series. Campbell took part in the ‘Russian’ challenge and is re-joining The Longest Drive for the ‘The Big Loop’ which is closer to his native home. As Fraser himself said: “I have been to most parts of the world, but this will be something completely different”.

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