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The Dakar Intercontinental Rally

The history of Dakar Rally starts in 1978 when 182 vehicles turned up on the Place du Trocadéro for a 10,000-kilometre journey into
the unknown, destination Dakar. The greatest Rally in the world was born. Due to political and security reasons, the rally was moved to South America, however, the Intercontinental Rally still stayed back in Africa and is still using large parts of the original route from the early beginnings. The real deal. It is an endurance test for man and machine. Every year this race attracts more and more adventurous drivers competing against each other.



The route passes through some of the most spectacular landscapes in Morocco, Mauritania andSenegal evoking a timeless sense of adventure and exploration. From the endless dunes of the Sahara to the desolate expanses of coastal deserts, the rocky trails of the Atlas, and the low lying Savanna, each day brings new surprises and unexpected challenges for cars and drivers.


The 2019 route is as follows:


Day 01 (Jan 21): Almeria – Mahirija 195Km
Day 02 (Jan 22)
:Mahirija – Merzouga 516Km
Day 03 (Jan 23): Merzouga – Zagora 291Km
Day 04 (Jan 24): Zagora – Icht 533Km
Day 05 (Jan 25): Icht – Smara 532Km
Day 06 (Jan 26): Smara – Dakhla 673Km
Day 07 (Jan 27): Dakhla – Nouadhibou 414Km
Day 08 (Jan 28): Nouadhibou – Benichab 433Km
Day 09 (Jan 29): Benichab – Azouqui 386Km
Day 10 (Jan 30): Azouqui – Akjoujt 417Km
Day 11 (Jan 31): Akjoujt – Nouakchott 315Km
Day 12 (Feb 01): Nouakchott - St.Louis 315Km
Day 13 (Feb 02): St.Louis - Lac Rose 315Km
Day 14 (Feb 03): Lac Rose - Lac Rose

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