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The Car


Porsche ranks among the top manufacturers of sports and racing cars. The Porsche Cayenne is one of the most advanced SUV 4×4 cars. Our car has been converted by ORC in Germany. ORC also supported the Porsche Factory during the Trans-Siberian Rally with great success. The Cayenne Diesel engine, combined with a perfect all round suspension and over 200 L of fuel will be ready for all the challenges coming.


The car is equipped as a proper off-road car, with a roll cage for safety. The cage is a standard equipment for nearly all competition cars it was built as the first step of the car conversion. It also adds some torsional stiffness to the shell of the car. All nonessential equipment has been removed and a roof rack is fitted to carry everything needed for the adventures. Navigation and state-of-the-art satellite equipment is to be reachable online world wide 24/7. The LED light system has been added to change night till day. The small bull bar has build to give a bit of added protection and to fit a Winch. Also visible is the modified air intake with a snorkel system- possible a worlds first on a Cayenne. Our Cayenne is the ultimate off-road car and combines the latest technology and highest quality equipment that is available on production cars today.


The standard Porsche seats in the front offers multiple adjustment possibilities and ventilation in the arm areas. The Cayenne is equipped with 18” alloys with the tyres specially chosen for every challenge separately, but body modifications are done to accommodate larger tires.


In the back of the car, the standard seat has been removed and when needed replaced by a Recaro seat mounted centrally with a full race safety harness, thus giving room for a fridge and storage compartment.  Under the back, there is 210l diesel tank to make space for personal luggage and extra tires.  


The cockpit of the Cayenne is the “headquarter” at every challenge. It is the command and navigation center where not only all navi and tracking equipment is fitted, but also cameras.

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