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At the Finishline!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

WE DID IT !! We made the impossible possible again !

Many bets were made against us when we showed up at the start in Almeria for the Intercontinental Rally Dakar 2019 with our well proven Porsche Cayenne. And they almost came right ... but with an amazing effort from the entire team around us we were at the end able to cross the finish line in Dakar!

It was a long hard way, but Didi and myself worked hard and shoveled endlessly and fast. With the Milius support and the Outback company never ending service we had no options but to look forward even when it looked impossible.

This Rally marks also a big change for the whole Milius & Partners organization as it shows we are able to add the competitive aspect to the long list of adventures.

The Dakar was a major bucket list item for me personally to cross out, and I motivate all others to do the same as it simply can't be explained with words how special this Rally is... mentally, physically and mechanically. Didi and I have shared an unbelievable amount of impressions. Both crossing the Sahara and crossing the flat pans with the stone piles also used to guide the first Paris to Dakar races were a true highlight.

The car has had the worst time ever and this was way above the limits of what a Cayenne can handle. Large parts of the races was not a race but a survival where Jacob from Outback Adventure Company jumpstarted the car every night so we made it successfully all the way to Dakar.

We finished 5th in the car class but could not care less – we won one stage and this was more than we ever dreamt of. Its clear that a Cayenne is not made for this and therefore we are now going to add cars made for this to our fleet. So our next rally adventure will be announced soon. If you are interested in joining and being part of the team contact us anytime.

Thank you for all the continuous support and motivation - we could feel it all the way!

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