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On the road again!

We are preparing for our biggest challenge so far!

This will be the “North South Run” where we are attempting to beat 2 existing world records by going from Nordkap (Norway) at northernmost tip of Europe via London (Great Britain) to Cape Town (South Africa) and from there on to Cape Agulhas (South Africa) which is the southernmost point on the African continent. We have set at start date of 5thNovember from Nordkap. This is later than initially planned but this should ensure better weather conditions around the Equator and also further south towards Cape Town.

Since the Australian challenge we been working hard to put the crew in place and to have external help from an organisation which has experience in working in Africa with its multitude of countries, political systems, cultures and landscapes. We are pleased to announce that the organisation behind the road rally from Budapest (Hungary) to Bamako (Mali – West Africa) will be working ‘on the ground’ ensuring that the crew’s passage is as smooth and trouble free as possible. The crew has been confirmed as Marc Bronzel, who will take part in his first Longestdrive adventure and two Longestdrive ‘regulars’: Campbell Fraser and Jan Kalmar.

The route has changed due to social and political unrest in some the countries where we originally had planned to pass through. Taking advice from local experts, we have come up with the alternative route which is indicated in red on the route map. We are hoping to announce an international media partner very shortly which will cover the progress on TV.   For further information, please check the relevant ‘tabs’ on this website

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