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Update Day 4

This was a bit of a mixed day. Honestly it’s not much fun any more driving on endless roads in 40C. Even the car felt a bit ‘depressed’ and needed 1 litre of engine oil after 8850 km.

After all these empty roads, it was good to return to civilization in Perth but it only took 2 min. to get to hate traffic lights and morning rush hour traffic again. Over the last couple of days, it became clear that we had lost track of how far we still have to go with conflicting information from our drive plan and GPS. It turned out to be bad news for us: Approx. 500 km more than we thought. This might not sound of much on a 6 day -13500 km road trip but these 500 km knocked the “mood” a bit…

Trying to cheer ourselves up, we decided to take a shower stop… and then Jan “cleverly” dropped the fuel pistol while refuelling the tank inside the cabin spilling a 1 litre of diesel all over our clothes and on Will’s video equipment. This smell BAAAD !

Anyway we are rolling again and now through some amazing scenery close to Albany.. and with some more vegetation making a nice change.

The newly adjusted target arrival time in Sydney is set for 12/3-2014 at 16:50. So let’s see if we can do it..

Australia is simply an amazing country and for sure many interesting places have been spotted for a later return .. Perth being one of them.. I want to thank all the supporters for their help on this project… Without our partners it would never had been possible to do what we are doing, but even more appreciated is the enormous help form Michael, Gary and Sarah who have spend countless hours on this project.

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